Breast is best as every mid-wife, doctor and friend will tell you, but it’s really bloody hard work – at least it was for us. We managed to breast feed until Josh was about 7 months old, and in the early weeks and months it felt like the hardest thing in the world to teach this little mite to do something we thought he’d know instinctively what to do.

Newsflash, babies have no clue what to do with a boob and you have to teach them!

Teaching them is hard both physically and emotionally as mum also needs to learn how her boobs work too. You don’t just flop them out and milk magically starts flowing, it takes a good week or so to build up from a drop or two, to a trickle and then to something that actually might be able to feed your little one. And that’s really frustrating for a new mum as you think you should be able to just do this thing – it’s what your boobs were designed for in the first place right! Rachel spent many hours trying to get more than a few drops out to feed Josh, get him sat in the right place, keep him latched on properly without falling off etc, and I could feel the level of frustration in her trying to get the hang of it.

The good news is, that it does start just working after a couple of weeks and your little one will be slurping away and nodding off on mums chest – it’s really cute!

Anyway, eventually, you’ll probably want to progress onto formula milk at some stage and we picked up the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine during an Amazon sale on all things made by Tommee Tippee. The RRP for this is over a hundred quid, but you can pick it up for around £50-£60 if you shop around and it’s worth every penny. Right now when I’m writing this, it’s £52 on Amazon as they’re having another sale so just add it to your wish list and keep an eye on it.

Just being able to press a button at 4am,  measure some formula powder out and go back to bed with a bottle of milk at the perfect temperature and consistency is a god-send.

It is super simple to work too. Fill the container up with fresh water, set the dial to the quantity of milk you want, put a bottle underneath and push the big button. A gush of steam fills the bottle to kill off any bacteria and then it squirts out enough boiling water to dissolve the amount of formula you need to add. Measure the formula out using the spoon provided with the formula (yes you need to measure this out yourself – it’s not automatic), give the bottle a swirl to dissolve the formula and put it back under the spout. Press the big button again, and the machine fills the bottle up with cooler water to the quantity that you set at the beginning. Put the top on the bottle and you’re good to go!

There are lights on the front that tell you when it’s getting low on water (the water container holds enough for 2-3 big bottles of milk, which is fine with me as I like to know it’s being filled with fresh water regularly), and another light tells you when you need to change the filter. Yep, there’s a filter inside to make sure that no nasty bits get inside the milk or the machine, and this does need replacing on average about every 2-3 months.

We’ve had ours over a year now and have had no problems with it at all.

It isn’t a huge bit of kit at all, but will need to live in the kitchen somewhere so make sure you have space to keep it out as it’ll be there for 12-18 months!

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